• No child will be allowed to travel by the school bus without the valid identity card issued by the school .
  • Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in maintaining discipline, punctuality and regularity .
  • Parents are requested to go through the school diary daily. They must fill the first page of the diary and paste a photograph of their ward .
  • Parents should not send their ward to school if he/she is suffering from a contagious or infectious disease.
  • Parents should intimate the school office promptly about change of address or telephone number, if any, to enable the school office to contact them quickly in case of emergency.
  • Parents should send their ward in full uniform with shoes polished, hair combed properly and nails trimmed.



Parents are requested not to enter the class room when classes are going on.




  • Withdrawal from any class must be preceded by a month's notice in writing or a month's fee in lieu of notice.
  • Transfer Certificate will be issued after one week of the receipt of application.



  • Please do not send any unknown person to collect your ward from the school or bus stop.
  • You may give information through telephone or send him/ her with identity card in case of an emergency.
  • While the school takes all precautions against accidents, the school management will take no responsibilty in case of accident either  inside or outside the school campus.


  • The management reserves the right to add ,alter , amend  or cancel any of the rules, which will be binding on the parents and guardians. Looking forward to your co-operation and support.


          "Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be "