A warm welcome to Chiranjeevee Play School, Ranchi ..........

In Chiranjeevee education goes beyond classroom. We have child centered education i.e. we focus on the complete mental, physical and social development of each child for a balanced all round development of chiranjeevians, we focus on the following area - language, cognitive, sensory, motor, social, personal, emotional aesthetic development and give each child a chance to participate in a wide variety of play based activities.

            It is imperative for parents to understand children’s needs abilities and interests at every age and stage of development by observing their behavior.

           Chirajeevee Public (N) School was established in June 1996, it is a co-education English medium preparatory school. Its founder and Principal Dr. Maya Kumar has a specialization and Ph.D in education, a Master’s degree in physics and more than ten years of teaching experience in Kendriya Vidyalaya and Novodaya Vidyalaya. The school takes pride in the quality of education and its role in the development of children in their formative years. The teachers and staff are of the view that each child is unique and can reach its full potential if a stimulating environment is maintained both at home and school. Since 2007, the school management has been placed under a Trust.

In the year 2011 a new branch Chiranjeevee Play School was established with a new concept of teaching i.e. Thematic teaching. The curriculum is organized around a theme that can originate in the classroom, the school, the environment or the target culture. Thematic teaching is about students activity constructing their own knowledge.

The curriculum in thematic teaching is interdisciplinary / integrated, with many hands on activities and in depth of study content. All levels focus on the skills of communicating well in oral and written forms and using logical thinking.

We strongly believe that schools must look at education as a process for developing abilities required by life in the twenty-first century, rather than discrete, departmentalized subject matter. Thus, we bring together various aspects of the curriculum into meaningful association to focus upon broad areas of study. Learning and teaching is conducted in a holistic way and reflects the real world.


Dr. Maya Kumar